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Thermitech technology not only provides an environmentally sustainable way of reducing carbon waste volume, but simultaneously delivers a valuable commodity in the form of gas, liquid hydrocarbons or electricity.

The Thermitech thermal conversion technology processes up to 125 kg/hr of non-recyclable waste, plastic or excess materials which are currently incinerated or sent to landfill. 

The process takes place within an enclosed environment, converting waste into oils and gas, that are processed in to feedstock for virgin plastic feedstock or sold for energy or heat generation.

Thermitech has been acquired by The Clean Gas Company (CGC).

Initially CGC will use the Thermitech technology to process various plastic feedstocks at its facility in the South-East.

CGC is seeking future partnerships with companies who are looking to boost recycling capabilities. We are open to enquiries regarding small-scale mixed plastics contracts.

CGC has developed a commercial scale pyrolysis Reactor with processing capacities in the region of 32,000 tpa. We are looking to deploy the technology across large scale municipal waste plants.